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As a Sr. Software Developer or Lead Developer, over ten years of increasingly responsible positions in full-stack design,
development, and deployment of web and client-server applications utilizing LAMP and Open Source technologies such as
PERL, PHP, Agile, git, JIRA, Aptitude, Symfony, Confluence, Catalyst, Jenkins, Docker, Puppet, MVC, ZEND, CodeIgniter, Java, Apache,
MySQL, Postgres, Linux, Redhat, Gentoo, CentOS, Ubunto, API Development, AWS, etc., etc.

 Hardware / Software

°       PHP, PERL, Symfony, Docker, Jenkins, Vagrant, Catalyst, git, CVS, Confluence, JIRA, JavaScript, React.JS, Redux, Java, AWS

°       XML, Ruby, RoR, AJAX, Web 2.0, CSS, APIs, KPI, C/C++, SYBASE, HTML, XML.

°       MySQL, Postgres 8/9, SQL2000, LAMP, XML, WebLogic, Teamviewer, WebEx, EDI, ASP, Drupal, Saleforce.com API.

°       Intimate knowledge of internals of SMTP, SNMP, FTP, HTTP and TCP/IP protocols.

°       Linux, Ububtu, Redhat, Gentoo, CentOS, Rackspace, SunOS, DevOps, Solaris, Macintosh, Windows, CVS, WWW, CGI, SDS DOS.


 Career Experience

IPG Mediabrands, Los Angeles, CA, 2015-Present                                                      

Web Developer, Security Champion

°       Worked with international team members using PHP, Javascript, React.JS, Redux, JQuery, AWS, VirtualBox, Symfony and PostgresSQL.

°       Used git, Scrum/Agile Development, Vagrant, Docker, Jenkins and PowerShell to develop JIRA reported improvements/bugs for Enterprise Websites for all agenciees.

°       Used Vagrant, Docker, Jenkins, AWS, OWASP/ZAP and PowerShell in DevOps to support Enterprise Websites for all agenciees.


MediaTemple (mt), Culver City, CA, 2015-2015                                                      

Sr. Perl Programmer

°       Worked with team integration members using PERL modules, Catalyst, Moose, CSS, HTML, Javascript and PHP.

°       Used git, Scrum, Agile, Confluence, Puppet and Jenkins to repair JIRA reported bugs in customer service system(hostops) and customer UI.


Mixedsignals, Inc. / Tektronix, Inc. / Danaher Corporation. El Segundo, CA, 2008-2014                                                      

Sr. Programmer

°       Designed and implemented web-based control and reporting system for MPEG over IP video transport stream analysis as a stand-alone product for US cable companies (Google, Verizon, Cox, Time-warner, Comcast) to measure Quality of Service and network failures.

°       Extended and refactored the product for Web UI / DB for graphs, reports and system maintenance (PHP / JavaScript). Combined three separate products into a single common library.

°       Managed development of unit testing and QC applications (PERL / PHP / CRON).

°       Utilized Content Revision Control systems to organize release packages (CVS / Bugzilla).

°       Managed offshore software development team for non-USA time zone repairs (PERL / PHP).

°       Designed and implemented back-end systems support for disk space management and system logging to manage limited disk space to configuration parameters (PERL, BASH, CRON).

°       Designed and supported DB stored procedures for data reports and graphs (Postgres / PHP).

°       Tested, diagnosed, and repaired internal and customer problems reported by the QA process and field engineers for quarterly releases (BUGZILLA / PERL / PHP / Postgres / BASH / CRON / Team Viewer / WebEX).


Globat.com, Studio City, CA, 2007-2008                                                      

Sr. Programmer

°       Built a system that identified and corrected data inconsistencies in the client billing system for thousands of customers – ongoing (PERL / MYSQL / PHP / SMARTY TEMPLATES).

°       Managed email migration of over 250,000 email accounts to a 3rd-party-based provider in batches to scheduled migration dates (PERL).

°       Tested and managed quality control (QC) prior to going into production for smooth product updates (PERL / PHP / CRON / Subversion-SVN).

°       Managed offshore software development team of 5 engineers (WEB / PHP / BASH).

°       Provided back-end systems support for billing and transaction processing for better customer support (PERL / Shell Scripts / CRON).

°       Designed and supported database changes for 300,000+ websites (MySQL / PERL / XML-RPC / API).

°       Tested, diagnosed, and repaired problems reported within two days (PERL / PHP / MySQL / UNIX shell scripts).

°       Developed software for Web-2.0 technologies for a Web Hosting Company (PERL / AJAX / PHP).


Tapelaboratories, Marina del Rey, 2005-2007                                    

Sr. Software Engineer

°       Used Web-2.0 technologies in front end to support web interface to Virtual Tape Server library (PERL / PHP / POSTGRES / C / XML.

°       Updated and added features  for product releases and enhancements (PHP / JAVASCRIPT).

°       Wrote a suite of utilities for SCSI / Fibre Channel setup on VTS as customer requested feature improvements (PERL / BASH / C).

°       Linux Admin and BASH shell script support for VTS products (BASH / C / Linux ).


Jeffries & Co. (P. Murphy & Associates), Burbank, CA, May-Dec 2004                         

Consultant, Sr. Web Engineer

°       Completed web-based-intranet for financial reports/dashboard for trading partners (PERL / PHP / SYBASE).

°       Updated and added features to on-line menu control system increasing ease of use (PHP / SYBASE).

°       Added new reports and functionality to financial web to support the dashboard(PERL / SYBASE).

°       Improved batch processing processes for new data sources to reduce processing time by 25% (C / CRON / PERL / BASH / SYBASE).

°       Created dynamic SQL generation and stored procedures for the dashboard to extend and simplify the API (SYBASE / PERL / CVS).

°       Incorporated sophisticated methods of dynamic menus using DHTML without using JavaScript to improve UI (PERL / JAVASCRIPT).


Frontbridge Communications, Marina del Rey, CA, 2002-2005           

Sr. Software Engineer

°       Created SPAM Processing tool reducing the time to build filters (PHP / PERL / MySQL).

°       Created User Interface to Spam Database Filters for ease of use (PHP / PERL).

°       Created applet to report SPAM (JAVA, BEA WebLogic).

°       Analyzed performance of Spam Processing System and reduced processing time by 15% (PERL / RegExps).

°       Simplified and improved effectiveness of the SPAM analyst position.


Carparts Technologies, El Segundo, CA, 2001-2002                          

Sr. Software Engineer / Project Management

°       Completed QA and documentation for an SCM B2B e-commerce application for improved product release.

°       Managed team of engineers for SCM using ASP, IIS, Linux, NT.

°       Completed EDI Mappings and database support for automated order placements parts using frame-relay inter-connects.

°       Supported 40 remote systems, central web servers and data base servers for remote for remote B2B enabling seamless customer ordering (ASP / PERL).

°       Managed development, QA, and customer feedback for bug fixes and product features.

°       Built a custom socket interface between various Operating Systems to re-factor communication protocols to s single standard (PERL).





University of Southern California (USC), Los Angeles, CA

M.S., Computer Science / Software Engineering


University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA), Los Angeles, CA

B.S., Computer Science




Co-holder of United States Patent No. 3,969,618.