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As a Sr. Software Developer or Lead Developer, over ten years of increasingly responsible positions in full-stack web design,
development, and deployment of web and client-server applications utilizing LAMP and Open Source technologies such as
PHP, Redux, React.JS, Agile/SCRUM, git, JIRA, Postgres, MySQL, Confluence, Catalyst, Puppet, Docker, Jenkins,
MVC, ZEND, CodeIgniter, Java, Apache, PERL, etc., etc.


 Hardware / Software

°       PHP, PERL, git, CVS, Confluence, JIRA, JavaScript, Ruby, RoR, AJAX, Web 2.0, CSS/SCSS, APIs, KPI, C/C++, SYBASE.

°       MySQL, Postgres 8/9, SQL2000, XML, WebLogic, Teamviewer, WebEx, EDI, ASP, Drupal, Saleforce.com API.

°       Intimate knowledge of internals of SMTP, SNMP, FTP, HTTP and TCP/IP protocols.

°       Linux, Redhat, Gentoo, CentOS, Ubuntu, Rackspace, SunOS, DevOps, Solaris, Macintosh, Windows, CVS, WWW, CGI, SDS DOS.


 Career Experience

IPG Mediabrands, Inc. Los Angeles, CA, 2015-present                                                      

Sr. Full Stack Web Developer

°       Worked with International team members using Redux, React.JS, Symfony, CSS/SCSS, HTML, Javascript, Postgres, PHP and PERL.

°       Project integrations using git, JIRA, Scrum, Agile, Docker and Jenkins to develop internal web system for ad agency intranet.

°       Managed development of unit testing of internal APIs (PHP, SaaS).


MediaTemple (mt), (contract) Culver City, CA, 2015-2015                                                      

Sr. Perl Programmer

°       Worked with team integration members using PERL modules, Catalyst, Moose, CSS, HTML, Javascript and PHP.

°       Used git, Scrum, Agile, Confluence, Puppet and Jenkins to repair JIRA reported bugs in customer service system(hostops) and customer UI.

°       Managed development of unit testing and QC applications (PERL / PHP / CRON).


Mixedsignals, Inc. / Tektronix, Inc. / Danaher Corporation. El Segundo, CA, 2008-2014                                                      

Sr. Programmer

°       Designed and implemented web-based control and reporting system for MPEG over IP video transport stream analysis as a stand-alone product for US cable companies (Google, Verizon, Cox, Time-warner, Comcast) to measure Quality of Service and network failures.

°       Extended and refactored the product for Web UI / DB for graphs, reports and system maintenance (PHP / JavaScript). Combined three separate products into a single common library.

°       Managed development of unit testing and QC applications (PERL / PHP / CRON).

°       Utilized Content Revision Control systems to organize release packages (CVS / Bugzilla).

°       Managed offshore software development team for non-USA time zone repairs (PERL / PHP).

°       Designed and implemented back-end systems support for disk space management and system logging to manage limited disk space to configuration parameters (PERL, BASH, CRON).

°       Designed and supported DB stored procedures for data reports and graphs (Postgres / PHP).

°       Tested, diagnosed, and repaired internal and customer problems reported by the QA process and field engineers for quarterly releases (BUGZILLA / PERL / PHP / Postgres / BASH / CRON / Team Viewer / WebEX).


Globat.com, Studio City, CA, 2007-2008                                                      

Sr. Programmer

°       Built a system that identified and corrected data inconsistencies in the client billing system for thousands of customers – ongoing (PERL / MYSQL / PHP / SMARTY TEMPLATES).

°       Managed email migration of over 250,000 email accounts to a 3rd-party-based provider in batches to scheduled migration dates (PERL).

°       Tested and managed quality control (QC) prior to going into production for smooth product updates (PERL / PHP / CRON / Subversion-SVN).

°       Managed offshore software development team of 5 engineers (WEB / PHP / BASH).

°       Provided back-end systems support for billing and transaction processing for better customer support (PERL / Shell Scripts / CRON).

°       Designed and supported database changes for 300,000+ websites (MySQL / PERL / XML-RPC / API).

°       Tested, diagnosed, and repaired problems reported within two days (PERL / PHP / MySQL / UNIX shell scripts).

°       Developed software for Web-2.0 technologies for a Web Hosting Company (PERL / AJAX / PHP).


Tapelaboratories, Marina del Rey, 2005-2007                                    

Sr. Software Engineer

°       Used Web-2.0 technologies in front end to support web interface to Virtual Tape Server library (PERL / PHP / POSTGRES / C / XML.

°       Updated and added features  for product releases and enhancements (PHP / JAVASCRIPT).

°       Wrote a suite of utilities for SCSI / Fibre Channel setup on VTS as customer requested feature improvements (PERL / BASH / C).

°       Linux Admin and BASH shell script support for VTS products (BASH / C / Linux ).


Jeffries & Co. (P. Murphy & Associates), Burbank, CA, May-Dec 2004                         

Consultant, Sr. Web Engineer

°       Completed web-based-intranet for financial reports/dashboard for trading partners (PERL / PHP / SYBASE).

°       Updated and added features to on-line menu control system increasing ease of use (PHP / SYBASE).

°       Added new reports and functionality to financial web to support the dashboard(PERL / SYBASE).

°       Improved batch processing processes for new data sources to reduce processing time by 25% (C / CRON / PERL / BASH / SYBASE).

°       Created dynamic SQL generation and stored procedures for the dashboard to extend and simplify the API (SYBASE / PERL / CVS).

°       Incorporated sophisticated methods of dynamic menus using DHTML without using JavaScript to improve UI (PERL / JAVASCRIPT).


Frontbridge Communications, Marina del Rey, CA, 2002-2005           

Sr. Software Engineer

°       Created SPAM Processing tool reducing the time to build filters (PHP / PERL / MySQL).

°       Created User Interface to Spam Database Filters for ease of use (PHP / PERL).

°       Created applet to report SPAM (JAVA, BEA WebLogic).

°       Analyzed performance of Spam Processing System and reduced processing time by 15% (PERL / RegExps).

°       Simplified and improved effectiveness of the SPAM analyst position.


Carparts Technologies, El Segundo, CA, 2001-2002                          

Sr. Software Engineer / Project Management

°       Completed QA and documentation for an SCM B2B e-commerce application for improved product release.

°       Managed team of engineers for SCM using ASP, IIS, Linux, NT.

°       Completed EDI Mappings and database support for automated order placements parts using frame-relay inter-connects.

°       Supported 40 remote systems, central web servers and data base servers for remote for remote B2B enabling seamless customer ordering (ASP / PERL).

°       Managed development, QA, and customer feedback for bug fixes and product features.

°       Built a custom socket interface between various Operating Systems to re-factor communication protocols to s single standard (PERL).





University of Southern California (USC), Los Angeles, CA

M.S., Computer Science / Software Engineering

(in process)


University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA), Los Angeles, CA

B.S., Computer Science




Co-holder of United States Patent No. 3,969,618.